E.G. Loukedes

E.G. LOUKEDES is a ship agency firm which offers its services to ships calling at all Greek ports. Our firm has enjoyed a reputation for unrivalled service to ships since its founding in 1963. The experienced staff of E.G. LOUKEDES is ready and willing to offer its services to ships calling at ports all over Greece, always ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. For whatever reason your vessel may be calling in Greece, be it for commercial operations, transit calls for bunkering or crew changes, or for drydocking and repairs, be sure to contact us for all your vessel's needs while in Greece. We are confident that you will enjoy our first class treatment, and appreciate the reasonable cost of our service.

To receive information about ports and facilities please contact us at agency@loukedes.gr or via conventional methods at:

P.O. BOX 80081
TEL: +30 - 210 - 4530314
FAX: +30 - 210 - 4530980
MOBILE PHONE: +30 - 694 - 4320104

We look forward to being of service to you.